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Amsterdam: The second time around

While, like most people, visiting the same destination twice seems like a bit of a waste of time, with the exponential amounts of places to visit in the world, I had the chance to visit Amsterdam for a second time and took it.

I can now safely say that visiting a city twice can be an amazing experience.  So often, especially Londoners on weekend trips to Europe, we can go to a city for 2 or 3 days, see the main tourist attractions and come home feeling like we’ve “done” a city.  Have you done Paris? Well, yes, I sat and drank coffee at a cafe on the Seine, I visited the Louvre, I walked the Champs Elysee and saw the Eiffel Tower.  Done.  Well, not quite…

While it’s easy to check these cities off like points on a to-do list, it’s worth it every once in a while to go back to a city, having done all the touristy things and give it another look.  Go to the outer rims of the city, see how the locals live, don’t step foot in a museum and just relax.

That’s what I did on my latest trip to Amsterdam.  Having seen the Continue reading