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Rome in a weekend

Rome. What can be said. Rome is a feeling. A state of mind. A state of being. It seems hardly appropriate to call in a mere city. On that note, I will try my best to detail one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time, without littering the sentiment with cliches and/or saying the word awesome too many times.

Here goes.

I’ll start with my first surreal moment. A quiet walk through the city at 2am after a night out in Trastevere. After seeing the Vatican the next day, along with thousands upon thousands of tourists, I was glad I had seen it the night before, all by myself. Nobody to interrupt the moment of awe; alone with the Vatican. It was amazing. I’d suggest doing the tourist-y thing and going on a tour inside. But I’d also suggest stopping by at 2am in the morning – you’re on vacation anyway, so you can sleep when you’re back home.

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Second moment of awe began with Continue reading


Highlights: A weekend in Oxford

What first comes to mind when Oxford is mentioned, is of course Oxford University.  And while the University and it’s history dating back to the 12th century are central to the town, there is so much more to explore.  Just a quick trip away from London and the hustle and bustle of the big city, you’ll find yourself along quiet alleyways, medieval spirals and age old bookshops and pubs.

I’ve highlighted below some of my favourite spots in the city and surrounding areas and hope you’ll take away some key tips.

Getting there & Getting around

As it’s only about an hour outside of London, it is quite easy to travel to.  I tend to use GoEuro just as a brief check to see what will be the quickest way depending on the season/weekend.  The site can be used from any cities throughout the UK, so not just for Londoners.

Once you’re in the city, I’d recommend getting around by bike or by foot – just for the experience.

Things to do

There are tons of museums and colleges you can see just by taking a walk around, so I would highly recommend Continue reading