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Basel: The best European weekend away

What comes to mind when imagining the perfect, quintessentially European weekend away? I tend to image cobblestoned streets, long walks, age old cathedrals, galleries, museums and history galore.  But take a trip in any of the top European cities – think Paris, Prague, Madrid, or Rome – and you’ll find the long, quiet walks and sidewalk coffee drinking can turn into something else all together.  Whether it’s pushing through crowds at the Vatican, navigating the public transport in Madrid, or waiting 2 hours to see the Mona Lisa, you could end up needing a weekend to recover from your weekend!

So what’s the alternative?

My latest weekend away took me to Continue reading


Weekly Travel Snapshots: Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

On the first night in Budapest, I had a chance to play around with some photography and came up with Continue reading

Wales in a weekend

Castles in Wales

Conwy Castle

















It’s amazing how only a short 3 hour drive away from London and I’m transported to surroundings of age old castles, seaside resorts, different languages and a type of hospitality rarely found while walking down the high streets of the big city.  While Wales has never been top of my list of places to visit, I was motivated to venture there when Continue reading