Travel Snapshots: Egypt

A trip to the Pyramids is on everyone's bucket list, as it should be. But the excitement and buzz of Cairo is equally as impressive as the Pyramids themselves. A city rich in history and culture, with the calm, peaceful Nile running through an otherwise busy,chaotic city. The perfect contrast.

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Elephants, lions and zebra…oh my!

While some of these photos might look like we either photoshopped in a few wildlife photos or that in fact these animals are large, plastic figurines, the truth of the matter is we were in the bush baby! Ok, so  I think the actual term is a game reserve, but you get my drift.  Probably … Continue reading Elephants, lions and zebra…oh my!

Abseiling in Cape Town

Ok, so fun might not be the first word that comes to my mind when describing my latest experience.  To be honest, the fact that I didn't piss myself might be more of an achievement than actually making it down the 112m drop that is the highest commercial abseil in South Africa. Sometimes I wonder … Continue reading Abseiling in Cape Town