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Home away from home in Ubud, Bali

It’s been a year and a half since I moved to Singapore with work, and for all the travels around South East Asia, Ubud in Bali is still my favourite home away from home. From affordable spa treatments, to yoga classes, vegan cuisine, friendly people and the overall calm you feel when you are there are all reasons why I adore this place.

I’ll let my photos do most of the talking, but some top spots that I love:

  1. Bali Bohemia – The first night of the first trip I took to Ubud I happened across this place at Continue reading

Ho Chi Minh Highlights

After only two days in Vietnam, I could already tell you where all the action was in the fast paced city of Ho Chi Minh – on the streets. No matter what your itinerary, type of transport, or grand tourist plan, nowhere else are you going to have as much fun as on a street corner. ..ok that sounds wrong but you get my drift. Need to prove it?


At first I thought we had just stumbled upon a rogue bar trying something new, but after Continue reading

Roadside bars of Bangkok



Not quite the most polite of signs I’ve seen on my journey, but definitely the most forward.  This was taken at a roadside bar in Bangkok, and by roadside, I mean don’t get too drunk or you’ll get run over or side swiped by a vehicle/tuk tuk/motorbike/anything with wheels. Continue reading