Top Travel Spots: Perth & Margaret River

Last November I had the chance to visit Perth & Margaret River with not just my husband, but also my lovely parents who flew over from the United States. What followed was a wonderful attack on the senses - fresh sea air, crisp wines, exquisite foods, and views that would take anyone's breath away. Read … Continue reading Top Travel Spots: Perth & Margaret River

A morning at the Lian Shan Shuang Lin Monastery

Sometimes you don't need to wander too far to find peaceful, exquisite places - especially in a city like Singapore. Venture three stops on the MRT past the bustling Orchard Road to find yourself face to face with a 120 year old Buddhist temple and monastery, founded in 1898 and completed in 1907 by Low … Continue reading A morning at the Lian Shan Shuang Lin Monastery

The yellow streets of Phnom Penh

Most people would rather not visit Phnom Penh. Most would rather not visit the Killing Fields and face the dark side of humanity. Most would prefer to head straight for the sunrise at Angkor Wat & Siem Reap. To see the beautiful temples, the ancient history and the stunning architectural feats. Which is no doubt … Continue reading The yellow streets of Phnom Penh

A lazy weekend in Langkawi

I've lived in Singapore now for going on four years, and had heard of Langkawi here and there in conversations with friends over this time. However, for some reason, when planning sun/sea/sand weekend vacations away it had never made the list. On a spur of the moment weekend solo trip late last year, I did … Continue reading A lazy weekend in Langkawi

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Elephants, lions and zebra…oh my!

While some of these photos might look like we either photoshopped in a few wildlife photos or that in fact these animals are large, plastic figurines, the truth of the matter is we were in the bush baby! Ok, so  I think the actual term is a game reserve, but you get my drift.  Probably … Continue reading Elephants, lions and zebra…oh my!

Abseiling in Cape Town

Ok, so fun might not be the first word that comes to my mind when describing my latest experience.  To be honest, the fact that I didn't piss myself might be more of an achievement than actually making it down the 112m drop that is the highest commercial abseil in South Africa. Sometimes I wonder … Continue reading Abseiling in Cape Town

Snapshots from Sri Lanka

              I feel like I should give some background information to this photo, but sometimes photos really do speak for themselves.  I can say it was taken on a train in Sri Lanka from Colombo to the mountain city of Kandy.  I could mention the long journey with overcrowded … Continue reading Snapshots from Sri Lanka