A lazy weekend in Langkawi

I've lived in Singapore now for going on four years, and had heard of Langkawi here and there in conversations with friends over this time. However, for some reason, when planning sun/sea/sand weekend vacations away it had never made the list. On a spur of the moment weekend solo trip late last year, I did … Continue reading A lazy weekend in Langkawi


Farewell to South Africa

So, I've been back in London now for almost two months but thought I'd share just a few of my favorite photos from the experience in South Africa.  Some of the best moments were in the African bush, surrounded by nothing but vast landscapes and the occasional rhino, elephant or giraffe.  I appreciate the experience … Continue reading Farewell to South Africa

Happiness and Jack Daniels

                      One of my favorite experiences in Cape Town was an afternoon at the Royale Eatery on Long Street where I indulged in a Jack Daniels and Peanut Butter milkshake.  Yes, you heard me right.  Two of the best things in the world, mixed together … Continue reading Happiness and Jack Daniels

Jumping off cliffs….for fun

Ok, so fun might not be the first word that comes to my mind when describing my latest experience.  To be honest, the fact that I didn't piss myself might be more of an achievement than actually making it down the 112m drop that is the highest commercial abseil in South Africa. Sometimes I wonder … Continue reading Jumping off cliffs….for fun

Travel Photo of the Week: Sri Lanka

              I feel like I should give some background information to this photo, but sometimes photos really do speak for themselves.  I can say it was taken on a train in Sri Lanka from Colombo to the mountain city of Kandy.  I could mention the long journey with overcrowded … Continue reading Travel Photo of the Week: Sri Lanka