Through the eyes of a child

As I pack my bags for my trip to Cape Town, I can hardly contain my excitement.  Knowing that the closer I am to finishing packing, the closer I am to my first trip to a place I’ve been longing to go for at least the past five years.  It is a nervous, thrilling, new … Continue reading Through the eyes of a child

My top 5 quotes from On the Road

Photo by adrian on Unsplash Inspired by a recent viewing of “On the Road,” the film adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s cult classic, I decided to put together some of my favorite quotes from the book/film. These quotes mainly result in my final conclusion about life: That everyone should try to find madness in their lives..a little spontaneity and … Continue reading My top 5 quotes from On the Road

Cup a Jo’burg

  There is always a moment when your love for travel is tested.  When you say, I'm up for anything and everything and then you're thrown a hardball.  Such was the case when my work, knowing of my anxious desire to move to another office, asked if I'd be willing to transfer to Johannesburg, South … Continue reading Cup a Jo’burg