After dancing professionally for a few years in the US, I had the unfortunate experience of watching not one but two ballet companies fold due to financial difficulties.  After the second closure and audition season months away, I took the first job that came my way- as a ballet dancer and teacher in Beijing, China.  Armed with a Chinese dictionary, a couple pairs of pointe shoes and a warm winter coat, I was off on my first great adventure in the world of international travel.  After a year in Beijing, and learning more about the world and what it held, I decided that the two loves of my life would have to come together.  My new goal was no longer to be a soloist with X company, but rather to dance all over the world.

Several years fast forward, a degree in International Tourism and a bag of travel stories in hand, I’m now more interested in travel and the dances, culture and food that can be discovered through that travel. Watching traditional Chinese folk dance, the classical dances of Sri Lanka, or even the belly dancing of Egypt, I’ve come to respect dance as a cultural entity rather than a perfectionist’s past time.

With that in mind, I hope this blog will entice others to see what travel can hold for them, not just as places to be ticked off on life’s checklist but as something a bit more meaningful.

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