A lazy weekend in Langkawi

Langkawi Malaysia Sky Park

I’ve lived in Singapore now for going on four years, and had heard of Langkawi here and there in conversations with friends over this time. However, for some reason, when planning sun/sea/sand weekend vacations away it had never made the list. On a spur of the moment weekend solo trip late last year, I did my usual Skyscanner ‘everywhere’ search and Langkawi came up as one of the cheapest getaways available. So I booked the flight and hotel and turned up with very few pre-conceived ideas about what to expect.

The view from above - Langkawi, Malaysia

Firstly, the airport experience was surprisingly seamless and the door-to-door from airport to hotel all took less than 30 minutes! This is one of the most important factors when considering where to take weekend trips with precious hours available. On a recent trip to Bali, I must have hit the spot when everyone was arriving (Friday at 11pm) and waited in customs for over 2 hours. Arriving at my hotel at 2am in the morning was not pleasant to say the least. So when I arrived in 30 minutes to the Berjaya Langkawi Resort I was already in such a relaxed state.

Berjaya Resort, Langkawi, Malaysia

The entire experience at the Berjaya I must say was exceptional. A well oiled machine. I checked in, and then was escorted to my cabin in the rainforest via a shuttle bus that was specifically used for guests to get around the Resort. The shuttle was organised by a member of staff, who took down my room number, which was entered into a system which worked out which shuttle I should be in. All I had to do was wait, and a giant screen above instructed me which shuttle would be taking me to my cabin. So efficient! With such limited time, it was features like this that really made my stay such a breeze.

Probably the best part of the rainforest cabins, was the wildlife. Every morning I shared my coffee & reading with monkeys who would come and hang out on my balcony! One evening I took a tour, and got to see the famous Colugos (flying lemur) flying from tree to tree. Being up close with animals was such a nice escape from the city blocks of Singapore.

Monkeys in the Rainforest, Langkawi, Malaysia
Monkeys on the balcony, Langkawi, Malaysia

On the Saturday, after a great night sleep, I took a good book to the beach and spent most of the day lounging. There was a lovely little beach bar that supplied me with endless watermelon cocktails for the day, along with some simple snacks and sandwiches. The colours blended together beautifully – blue waters, golden sand, and the green rainforest above. What more could you want?

Beach time in Langkawi, Malaysia
Relaxing on the beach in Langkawi, Malaysia

I ended the first day with an amazing Thai seafood dinner at the Pahn-Thai Restaurant with a gorgeous sunset as a backdrop. A bit of fresh air, the sound of the sea and watching the sunset was exactly what I needed after leaving Singapore behind.

Pahn Thai Restaurant, Langkawi, Malaysia
Chasing sunsets - Langkawi, Malaysia

On Day Two, I woke up bright and early to head to the much talked about Langkawi Cable Car & Sky Bridge. From the Berjaya Resort, they can arrange the shuttle to take you there, as it’s only a 10 minute walk away. I would recommend arriving early, as later in the day, the queue for the Cable Car can get quite long. Luckily I didn’t have a wait at all, and was able to tag along with a group of three lovely Malay girls who let me share their Car with them. From the moment I started up on the Cable Car to the moment I came down, the view was nothing short of stunning. I’m not afraid of heights, but it was truly amazing how high up it goes and I had a jump or two when the Car would wobble a bit. But overall I was blown away.

Sky Bridge & Cable Car - Langkawi, Malaysia

That evening, as I headed back to the airport, I was already planning my next trip out to Langkawi. It has everything a person could want for a relaxing weekend away.

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