Home away from home in Ubud, Bali

It’s been a year and a half since I moved to Singapore with work, and for all the travels around South East Asia, Ubud in Bali is still my favourite home away from home. From affordable spa treatments, to yoga classes, vegan cuisine, friendly people and the overall calm you feel when you are there are all reasons why I adore this place.

I’ll let my photos do most of the talking, but some top spots that I love:

  1. Bali Bohemia – The first night of the first trip I took to Ubud I happened across this place at around 8pm in the evening. Took my shoes off, grabbed a glass of wine and some vegetarian snacks, sat and chatted with some locals while enjoying a freestyle night of live music. It doesn’t get any more “Ubud” than that – every visit I’m back for more.
  2. Three Monkey’s Cafe – right on the main strip but far from the crowds is this enchanting Indonesian restaurant sat in the middle of a paddy field out back. Perfect for a romantic night out.
  3. Putri Bali Spa – I came for the high rankings and affordable prices, but was thoroughly surprised and taken away by the lovely staff. Couldn’t recommend this place enough.
  4. Alchemy – want to give the whole Vegan thing a go, even if just for a day? Head to Alchemy, take your shoes off and enjoy some Vegan coffee and any one of their amazing meals. While away the afternoon here reading a good book.
  5. Seniman Coffee Studio – Stop off here to watch the hipsters drink their coffee – join in for a truly spiritual experience.
  6. Widya Batik Studio – spend a day making your own Batik. The process is eye opening, and you’ll be left with the best handmade souvenir courtesy of yourself.

There are a million other hidden gems, but these top the list. Some photos below – enjoy!



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