Tioman Island – not much has changed since the days of South Pacific

A recent browse for idealic beaches just a stone’s throw from Singapore led me straight to an island off the coast of Malaysia called Tioman.  As a seasoned traveller, I had preconceived ideas about what this long weekend away might look like.  Being Easter weekend, I imagined hoards of tourists crowding on boats, full hotels and equally full beaches, and waiting in long lines for the local “place to eat”.  While the boats heading over to Tioman were quite crowded and chaotic, once I landed on the island I felt like I had gone back in time.

The original Bali Hai, Tioman was the location of the film South Pacific in 1959 and it seems not much has actually changed since then.  Granted I arrived, was at my cabana in 5 minutes and did not move far from that same spot for 3 days.  But believe me, it was something else.  I’ll be going back to explore more, but for now I just want to share the little part of the island I was able to enjoy.

If you’re looking for a place to stay, I’d recommend Tioman Cabana.  If you’re looking for a chill weekend away at the beach, with some live music, good food, nice people, and a beautiful view, there is nowhere else.

Sunset at Tioman Cabana
Sunset at Tioman Cabana
Lazy afternoon
Lazy afternoon
View from the front porch
View from the front porch
Tioman Cabana
Tioman Cabana

2 thoughts on “Tioman Island – not much has changed since the days of South Pacific

  1. I’d never even heard of Tioman Island (and I pride myself in having heard of quite a lot of places). Thanks for adding a new island to my bucket list!
    Happy travels,


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