Off season travel: What to know

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My latest trip saw my company and I on a Christmas work weekend away in Marbella, Spain in the beginning of December. Coming from cold London to the mild 60 degree weather in Spain was amazing, and the holiday for my company was pretty affordable considering the season. This got me thinking. We so often focus all of our efforts in getting to our final destination in the prime travel season, but what about the off season? What are the pros and cons, and is it ever worth it?

Let me know what you think. Here’s what I’ve picked up on my travels:


1. Cheaper hotel stays and more availability for upgrades
2. Less people around, including tourists
3. Can get better deals from street vendors and/or restaurants and bars depending where you are going
4. More affordable flights

In general, you can save a lot of money by travelling in the off season, from hotels and flights to deals from restaurants and bars. There are usually less tourists around, giving you a more local feel of the place and taking away the overwhelming and crowded feel you’ll usually have in the high season.


1. Depending on how seasonal the destination is, there could be a lot of shops and restaurants closed
2. Less people around- I put this on both lists because sometimes people help create a vibe in a city making the trip more exciting, while sometimes it can be too overwhelming
3. Weather can be less than ideal in the off season- such as the rainy season in South East Asia or summer in the Middle East and North Africa
4. Opening hours of visitor attractions might be more limited

Sometimes, even though you’ll be saving a lot of money, the experience just won’t be the same as travelling in high season. If you’re heading to the beach, no matter what, you’ll want to head there when it’s sunny and warm – just a fact. Ski trip? You’ll want to be there when the weather conditions are perfect. This makes off season travel only a plausible option when you’re a bit more open ended about what you’re hoping to achieve. Just looking to getaway on a city break for a weekend? This might be a better option for off season travel.

All in all, each destination and trip is different. Some options are more viable than others in the end. Hope you’ve found this useful – would love feedback!

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