Top 5 things to do in Amsterdam

1. Ride a bike- While you may have spent plenty of time cycling around in your hometown, nothing quite compares to a cycle around Amsterdam.  Scenic canals are only just the start.  Unlike the security measures taken to locking up your bike in big cities like London, here you can just leave it outside the shop while you do your own thing for a bit.  Separate bike lanes that don’t mesh with pedestrians or vehicles on the road, make this an enjoyable activity for anyone visiting the city.

amsterdam2 amsterdam3

2. Visit the Sex Museum- Oh, you knew it was coming.  When in Rome..I say.  Go on and visit, if only to realise just like everything else in this world that there is an in-depth history of sex as it spans across the ages and countries of the world.

3. The Anne Frank Museum- You’ve read the book, you’ve watched the movies, but nothing compares to visiting the museum where it all happened.  A well laid out museum with mementos and enough pieces in their original places to feel like she was there just yesterday.  Well worth a visit.

4. Canal tour- What better way to enjoy the city than by canal cruise.  With so much of the cities life centring on these beautiful, tranquil places, I find it is the best place to truly feel like a local.  Either take a canal tour around the city, or spend some time at one of the cafes or coffee shops along the canals and watch time slowly go by.

Canals of Amsterdam

5. The Van Gogh Museum- I’m starting to realise there are a few museums on this list, but I promise all of them offer something completely different to the next.  As the most visited museum in the Netherlands and the 30th most visited museum worldwide, any art lover is sure to find something of interest here.

Have any to add to the list?  Comment below!

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