My Top 5 beaches

While I am not the type of person to spend my yearly annual leave sitting on beaches doing nothing all day, I can definitely appreciate the appeal.  Having said that, on my travels I’ve come across some rather beautiful beaches that made me stop and hang around for awhile.  Whether it’s a romantic vacation with a partner, a girls weekend getaway, or even a solo trip, beaches have an amazing way of making you stop and feel just a little insignificant.  Make you feel a little bit like your problems aren’t really as big as you think they are, and that you are just but one small person in a great, wide world.  That’s the best part.  On that note, in no particular order……

1. Hawaii
While this does seem like an obvious first choice, the beaches in Hawaii really don’t compare to anywhere else.  Explaining my experience on this beach is always a pleasure to tell.  Black sand from the mixture of hot lava and sea water give the beaches on the Big Island an almost mystical feel.  Couple that with a trek of an hour or two to even get to the beach, and another 2 hour trek to get off the beach, this has to be one of the most remote locations I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.


2. Costa Rica
So this beach doesn’t look too amazing, until I point out that it was the private beach of our $8 a night hostel, and when visited by my friend and I, we had the place entirely to ourselves.  Peace and quiet never looked so good.  The adventure getting there was equally as enjoyable- through rainforest like surroundings.

Costa Rica -2

3. Sri Lanka
When looking through all my beach photos from the past years, the abundance of beautiful beach pictures I wanted to share from Sri Lanka could have made up this entire post.  From fishing villages, to port towns, big cities, and quiet forgotten seasides, Sri Lanka has the best beaches of any variety anywhere I’ve seen.  Highlights included a bungalow with a first row seat practically on the beach, where breakfast was served every morning.  So while sipping on coffee and eating toast, you had a prime view of baby turtles riding the waves in with their mothers to feast on the morning grub.  Unbelievable.

Sri Lanka-3

4. South Africa
Where do I even begin?  Some of the most dramatic beaches I have ever seen have been right at the tip of South Africa in Cape Town.  Nowhere else I’ve been has had such a dramatic landscape.  Completely flat beaches with white sand seem to sandwich in between rough, colossal waves to the front and towering, steep mountains behind.  While this picture is lovely, the best view I had was actually hanging off of Table Mountain while abseiling.  One of the top views of my life.

South Africa-5

5. North Carolina, USA
Travelling the world has brought me to some amazing destinations, but my first true beach love will always be North Carolina.  Growing up two hours from the coast, I will always have a special place in my heart for these beaches.  From building sand castles as a kid, to 4 wheeling and camping on Kure beach on a Friday night as a teenager – beaches of NC have always hit the spot.



3 responses to “My Top 5 beaches

  1. Not that we disagree with any of your choices, but we would like to ad Buck Island just off the coast of St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands.

  2. Haven’t made it to the Virgin Islands yet, but hear it’s beautiful! Thanks for the comment!

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