Through the eyes of a child

Sri LankaAs I pack my bags for my trip to Cape Town, I can hardly contain my excitement.  Knowing that the closer I am to finishing packing, the closer I am to my first trip to a place I’ve been longing to go for at least the past five years.  It is a nervous, thrilling, new feeling that comes whenever you visit a place you’ve yet to experience.  No guide book can prepare you enough, and good thing too, or else what’s the fun in travel?!

As my giddiness subsides a bit, I realise that the feelings we have as adults before our new experiences, are the same as children’s.  While they are experiencing their first moment riding a bike, or learning to read for the first time, we as adults love that same moment of fulfilment, of accomplishment, of something new, just as kids do.  And we need it too!  When was the last time you said, “I’ve never done that before” or “there’s a first for everything!” Hopefully you can still remember.  I think for me, that is why travel is so fulfilling.  We’ve gotten to the age where all the “milestones” in life have passed or are at a slow.  However, as humans, we are always striving to find purpose or to find that next big accomplishment.  Something new in our lives.

For me, that is every new trip I take.  For everyone it will be different.  But I think it’s important that everyone finds that one new thing they can pursue or accomplish- if only to feel like a kid again.

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