Snapshots from Sri Lanka








I feel like I should give some background information to this photo, but sometimes photos really do speak for themselves.  I can say it was taken on a train in Sri Lanka from Colombo to the mountain city of Kandy.  I could mention the long journey with overcrowded carriages, rough heat and vendors selling cheap snacks.  But, that’s just another train story from another traveller.

The best thing about pictures sometimes is that they tell something entirely different.  And what they tell, means something different to every person who sees the photo.  That, in itself is worth a thousand travel stories.

3 thoughts on “Snapshots from Sri Lanka

  1. Thanks for sharing this for Travel Photo Tuesday on my blog! As you state this is a classic example of where are not necessary. A beautiful moment captured and I find my imagination in overdrive as I wonder what thoughts are going through her mind.


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