Cup a Jo’burg


There is always a moment when your love for travel is tested.  When you say, I’m up for anything and everything and then you’re thrown a hardball.  Such was the case when my work, knowing of my anxious desire to move to another office, asked if I’d be willing to transfer to Johannesburg, South Africa for a six month stay to work on an upcoming exhibition.  My travel side jumped for joy and was amazed at the opportunity, while the realistic side of me started churning out the questions.  As one of the most dangerous cities in the world, am I risking my life? Going from big city London, to the leafy suburbs of Jo’burg – is that really going to be a good change?  Will I be plodded down with work, and never make it two feet from the office?

Of course, we all know which side always wins.  Waiting impatiently for visas to come through, and then I’m off on the road again.  Because once you let the realist’s questions gnaw away, once you let all the specifics take over the big picture, once you let fear inside, then you’ve lost.  You’ve lost your chance, a chance which might never come again.  So all those on the edge of a big decision like this, take the leap.

3 thoughts on “Cup a Jo’burg

  1. Hi Dancing Traveler, Make sure you label every picture, Date, place names. There will be many over time, don”t trust your memory. These notes, much like a diary, will come in handy when you write your book. You must do that! My love, Papa Williams


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