A lazy weekend in Langkawi

I've lived in Singapore now for going on four years, and had heard of Langkawi here and there in conversations with friends over this time. However, for some reason, when planning sun/sea/sand weekend vacations away it had never made the list. On a spur of the moment weekend solo trip late last year, I did … Continue reading A lazy weekend in Langkawi


Home away from home in Ubud, Bali

It's been a year and a half since I moved to Singapore with work, and for all the travels around South East Asia, Ubud in Bali is still my favourite home away from home. From affordable spa treatments, to yoga classes, vegan cuisine, friendly people and the overall calm you feel when you are there … Continue reading Home away from home in Ubud, Bali

San Francisco: the second time around

As I started the in-depth planning process for my latest trip to San Francisco, I found that my searches were vastly different to how I had done them on my first trip out years ago.  Instead of searching for the top tourist spots, top things to do, best clubs/bars, etc - my search took a … Continue reading San Francisco: the second time around

Tioman Island – not much has changed since the days of South Pacific

A recent browse for idealic beaches just a stone's throw from Singapore led me straight to an island off the coast of Malaysia called Tioman.  As a seasoned traveller, I had preconceived ideas about what this long weekend away might look like.  Being Easter weekend, I imagined hoards of tourists crowding on boats, full hotels … Continue reading Tioman Island – not much has changed since the days of South Pacific

Basel: The best European weekend away

What comes to mind when imagining the perfect, quintessentially European weekend away? I tend to image cobblestoned streets, long walks, age old cathedrals, galleries, museums and history galore.  But take a trip in any of the top European cities – think Paris, Prague, Madrid, or Rome – and you’ll find the long, quiet walks and … Continue reading Basel: The best European weekend away

Rome in a weekend

Rome. What can be said. Rome is a feeling. A state of mind. A state of being. It seems hardly appropriate to call it a mere city. On that note, I will try my best to detail one of the best weekends I've had in a long time, without littering the sentiment with cliches and/or … Continue reading Rome in a weekend

Amsterdam: The second time around

While, like most people, visiting the same destination twice seems like a bit of a waste of time, with the exponential amounts of places to visit in the world, I had the chance to visit Amsterdam for a second time and took it. I can now safely say that visiting a city twice can be … Continue reading Amsterdam: The second time around

I’ve been nominated for a Liebster blog award!

  A day out in London sponsored by Ripley's Believe it or Not, Big Bus Tour and Planet Hollywood gathered together a great number of travel bloggers in the London area, some of which I had a chance to chat and network with. Closer to the end of the night, me, The Dancing Traveller - … Continue reading I’ve been nominated for a Liebster blog award!

Highlights: A weekend in Oxford

What first comes to mind when Oxford is mentioned, is of course Oxford University.  And while the University and it's history dating back to the 12th century are central to the town, there is so much more to explore.  Just a quick trip away from London and the hustle and bustle of the big city, … Continue reading Highlights: A weekend in Oxford